How to Deal With Military Like Teachers?

Answer Teachers might be a little military-like (very strict and firm), but that doesn’t mean that you can immediately play pranks on him/her. This article is about how to deal with military-liked teach... Read More »

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How to Deal With Your Teachers?

Surely you have a teacher that always seems to be in a bad mood. Maybe she even takes it out on you. Want a teacher that always seems to adore you. Follow these steps and you will get your wish.

How to Deal With Degrading Teachers?

This article is designed to help kids, mainly middle and high school students, deal with that one teacher that treats them like little kindergarten kids. This article will give the readers many way... Read More »

How to Deal With Annoying Teachers?

Even when you have what may seem to be a perfect school, there are still teachers that bug you. Maybe they're rude, maybe they're inconsiderate. This article will help you deal with them.

How to Deal With Bullying Teachers?

Deal with this guy.A bullying teacher is much worse than a student as a teacher can make your life hell if you take revenge. If the teacher is petty enough to bully you, s/he is petty enough to tor... Read More »