How to Deal With Judgments?

Answer No need to hide anymore!A lot of people are judgmental, it is in their nature. But how do you escape them? This is how I did it, I hope it helps you.

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What insurance will pay off judgments?

For claims involving bodily injury or property damage for which you are legally liable - standard General Liability. Understand though, the policies clearly define the terms "bodily injury" and "pr... Read More »

How are judgments enforced?

From divorce decrees to criminal trials, when the court rules on a given case, the resulting decision is a judgment. Most judgments are enforced by the criminal justice system--the exceptions are d... Read More »

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Does a Bankruptcy Clear Judgments?

If you have one or more court judgments against you, bankruptcy can offer some protection against your judgment creditor or creditors. While bankruptcy cannot remove a judgment from public records ... Read More »