How to Deal With Hypochondria?

Answer Hypochondria is when a person believes they are suffering from a serious illness. It is often related to anxiety or Panic. Here's how to keep it from taking over your life

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Cancer, Als, or just hypochondria?

It seems like we both have the same problemYou're just hypochondriac, I once thought I had herpes when I had never had unprotected sex, I thought I had penile cancer which is cancer of the penis, ... Read More »

Who were the celebs who have hypochondria?

Richard Simons, Dave Attell, Mathew Maconahay, and Lindsey Lohan

Please answer; how can I overcome my hypochondria?

Yep, stop using Google, Web MD, Yahoo or or any other resource to self diagnose yourself. In most circumstances, you have no idea what the symptoms really are, and your will skip past the simple a... Read More »

Can you help me with my hypochondria (colon cancer)?

Not a lump. It is part of your anatomy, not some abnormal growth. You have no idea what or where you are feeling, so you have no idea what is or is not normal.You need to have a medical doctor de... Read More »