How to Deal With Having a Crush on the Older Boy Next Door?

Answer Okay, okay you might be in the sixth grade but a 9th grader is what you see. You had your eyes on him since you could remember. He is the guy that always says "hi" to you when you see him. So, let ... Read More »

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How to Deal with a Crush on an Older Guy?

Older guys can seem great - they've got more money, cars, and maybe even a job. But when you're in middle school and he's a senior in high school (or even older), things can be confusing for all pa... Read More »

Your older brother punched your crush what do you do?

wow that sounds messed up! Perhaps you should ask him why because there could be a valid reason, but if there isn't a valid reason I'd have a talk about that with him because I'm sure he's trying t... Read More »

How to Deal With Your Crush when He Knows You Like Him?

Many times it so happens that your crush knows that you like him but you don't really know whether he likes you or not.

How to Deal With a Crush?

Got a crush? Here are some tips to help you with your crush. Remember eye contact always smile and give her space to do what she wants.If you give too much space she might think your not interested... Read More »