How to Deal With Greasy/Oily Skin?

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How to Deal With Dry Skin?

Do you want beautifully, soft skin and get rid of the dark, dull, and dry skin? Well here is the right place!

How to Deal with Peeling Skin?

The skin goes through a natural peeling process. As new skin cells are continually produced, older cells are sloughed away. While this natural regeneration process is healthy, there are some instan... Read More »

I just saw a vile temptress with skin problems. Should she use bran muffins to deal with them?

the only solution, of course, is to whip them into shape with a bullwhip and stale bran muffins....they must be stale,as the fresh ones tend to just whimper, whine and fall apart under pressure....

How to Deal With Oily Skin as a Gentleman?

A smooth complexion will be the crowning glory on a gentleman of distinction and will make your face that much more stroke able when it matters.