How to Deal With Girls Who Try to Upset You?

Answer Don't let mean girls stop you from smiling!In every school it's almost certainly guaranteed you'll find mean girls. You may already know a few girls who feel the need to upset you and make others f... Read More »

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How to Deal With Girls Who Crave Your Attention (for Girls)?

Is there a certain girl who always wants to steal attention from you? Does she just jump up out of no where anytime someone talks to you? Well, there's more to it than you think.

How to Deal With Girls?

Wherever you go, there will be girls who are mean backstabbers. You may think someone is your friend, but then they turn against you just like that. You don't know who to trust! That can mean it ca... Read More »

How to Deal With a Guy Who Likes You but Can't Be With You (Teen Girls)?

Ever tell a guy you like him and get the response, "I like you too, but I can't have a relationship now." This is harder to get over than a rejection. Read this article for some tips to put this in... Read More »

How to Deal With Hostile Girls?

There will always be some girls at school who think that they are better than everyone else for one reason or other. When actually they're not; they just think they are.Rumors, gossip, exclusion. M... Read More »