How to Deal With Finding out You Have Teachers You Hate?

Answer In school, around August or September, the word, "schedule", comes up, and brings many emotions with it. People can get excited, nervous, happy or sad. Finding out that you have a teacher you hate ... Read More »

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How to Deal With Teachers That Hate Your Guts?

If you feel like there's a teacher that "hates your guts," here are a few things you can do to turn the situation around and encourage your teacher to like you instead. Boo-hoo. Today my teacher ga... Read More »

I need help finding a song, for someone I hate and wished were dead?

Bodybag - Hit The LightsYou're All I Need - Motley Crue (It may seem 'sweet' but listen to the verses)

Why do some teachers hate wikipedia?

Wikipedia isn't considered a scholarly source because anyone off the street can add information to it so it limits the credibility of the information given. There have been people who claim to be ... Read More »

Why do teachers hate wikipedia?