How to Deal With Family That Makes You Believe What They Do?

Answer So you have to stay with your grandma and she keeps trying to tell you about God and you should believe it but you don't. You tell her that and she starts shouting that you should believe in God. "... Read More »

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How do you deal with parents who are narcissist and they abandoned their son as an adult because that son no longer allows that type of behavior but they keep on telling lies to others about that son?

Answer The simple solution is, you don't... just write them off and find your own life. You won't change them and if you continue to try to deal with them, help them, change them or in any way int... Read More »

What deed had Oedipus accomplished that makes the people believe that he is the man?

What new movies is called is coming out on ABC family that is about 2 mothers that they picked up the worng baby so they get to finally meet?

Are there any episodes of All in the Family that deal with suicide?

Yes there were. In Season 7 Episode 5 "The Unemployment Story, part 2", Archie gets fired from his job. He gets a job as a janitor, however, a college grad who applied for the same position thre... Read More »