How to Deal With Divorced Parents?

Answer Are your parents divorced? Do you ever blame yourself for it? Well here are some suggestions on how to deal with it. Its ok.. it's not your fault.

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How to Deal With Your Divorced Parents Fighting?

Have you had enough of your divorced parents fighting? Here is some advice on how to deal with this and make it stop.

What can you do if your parents are divorced and you want to live with the other parent but the one you're with won't let you?

Your parent must request a modification in the court ordered custody. In virtually every state in the USA you can not choose which parent to live with as long as you are a minor. When parents are ... Read More »

In the state of NC can a 17 year old who was staying with an abusive mom but has divorced parents who have not established custody stay with relatives?

AnswerIn the state if NC a person that is over 13 old can say who they want to live with. I suggest that they speak to school couslor and they should be able to touch base with the department of So... Read More »

How old do you have to be to decide who you live with if your parents are divorced?

It varies from state to state and country to country. Usually the "Age of Consent" is recognized by the judge and affords the minor the option to choose which parent to live with. Some states do no... Read More »