How to Deal With Desertion of a Partner in Marriage with Religion?

Answer When desertion occur in marriage normally the spouse involved is thrown off balance and sometimes looses grip of reality itself. These arise due to the feelings of betrayal and of being used and du... Read More »

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How to Assume the Debt of a Marriage Partner?

In most cases, assuming debt for someone else isn't a wise financial move since creditors will hold you liable for the debt you assume. However, sometimes assuming debt for a marriage partner can b... Read More »

How to Deal With Being Dumped by Your Same Sex Partner?

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How to Deal With the Desire to Cheat on Your Partner?

However happy you may be with your current partner, you are "married" - not dead. There are lots of very attractive people out there, and you may experience a temptation to cheat on your partner at... Read More »

How to Deal With an Insensitive, Blasphemous Religion Teacher?

So you are sitting in a boring religion-lesson, when suddenly your teacher blasphemes against your deity and is wholly insensitive to your beliefs. You are about to explode with anger, but you know... Read More »