How to Deal With Debt Before Filing for Bankruptcy?

Answer If you are facing mounting debts you are probably looking for the best ways to handle the situation. You may be considering bankruptcy as an option. Unfortunately, bankruptcy also costs money and y... Read More »

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Does filing for bankruptcy clear tax debt?

Taxes that are three years old may be discharged in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The tax debt must be assessed more than 240 days before filing the bankruptcy petition. Tax fraud and tax evasion debts m... Read More »

Can one rent a new apartment before filing bankruptcy?

Planning to file for bankruptcy does not preclude you from renting property. It may be more difficult to rent after you file, but your right to rent does not What Hap... Read More »

Can you Sell Anything you Own before Filing Bankruptcy?

If you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy, your motives for selling your property will be a factor in whether your bankruptcy is approved.FunctionThe purpose of a bankruptcy is to protect the ... Read More »

Information Needed Before Filing for Bankruptcy in Texas?

Filing and pursuing a bankruptcy case in Texas is governed both by the U.S. Bankruptcy Code as well as the local rules of the bankruptcy courts located in the Lone Star State. Failure to provide re... Read More »