How to Deal With Days Getting Shorter?

Answer In the beginning of the summer, the days start to get shorter, meaning that it gets dark earlier. The days don't start to become noticeably shorter until about August, though. This all happens beca... Read More »

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Do you ever get your hair cut and watch in horror as it keeps getting shorter and shorter and you just want to?

That just happens to me naturally.But short and sassy looks good on you.Let's eat each other up.

Why are days longer&shorter?

While there is one main cause to the length of the Earth's days, many people might be surprised to know that there is a lot to know about how the science of day length and light works.Earth's AxisT... Read More »

Dont hours get shorter as the days go by?

no.365 days in a year.12 months in a year.52 weeks in a year.7 days in a week.24 hours in a day.60 minutes in an hour.60 seconds in a's the same all day and all night.

R summers getting shorter?

Children are unaware of time. But as they grow older they become more aware, and thus, time seems to shorten for everything.I remember summer vacations used to be like half the year, though they w... Read More »