How to Deal With Criticism for Being Emo?

Answer Okay, you're emo. You like your style. But the big headed "popular people" like to make fun of you and call you a freak. How do you deal with this? Easy; just read on...

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How to Deal With Criticism?

Criticism can be hard to tolerate if you have a self esteem that is too high or too low. It is often considered as a difficult thing to deal with it. But it is not unattainable.

How to Deal With Harsh Criticism?

It would be unrealistic to expect from people not to be harsh in their criticism. Therefore it is a Herculean task to educate people to learn how to criticize rather than the much easier task to be... Read More »

How to Deal With Message Board Criticism?

Online message board communities can be a tough and unforgiving place to expose one's inner-self. Follow these steps in order to maintain your cool and assert your communicative dominance over thos... Read More »

How do you deal with being called perverted names for being a redhead?

Find someone who actually appreciates a redhead. There are many many out there.If they are using that name that Lindsey Lohan got called don't worry people will forget about that soon enough.