How to Deal With Computer Viruses?

Answer Has your computer succumbed to a computer virus? It's enough to bring on a panic but don't - try these solutions instead!

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Why Is My Computer So Slow With No Viruses?

Every computer owner knows that over time your computer will start taking longer to do tasks it used to whiz through. While viruses are often a possible culprit, perhaps you've done a thorough viru... Read More »

How to Learn About Programming With Computer Viruses?

making a virus can be a good way to get into programming, or just for someone who is interested. DO NOT use any of these on anyone else.

How to Wipe a Computer Free of All Viruses With AntiSpyware?

Anti-spyware is software that can detect and delete any malicious file or program that is infecting your computer. With the rising threat of Internet hackers and keyloggers, it is now much easier f... Read More »

How can i protect my computer from viruses with out using antu-virus?

Why don't you want to use an Antivirus?Well anyhow...You can stay relatively safe behind a good firewall (Comodo's Firewall Pro is the best) and real-time antispy protection (recommend Comodo's BO... Read More »