How to Deal With Competitive People?

Answer You walk into class, or work, or wherever you go, and you see that one competitive person you've been trying to avoid all week...but you have a problem...they walk up to you. They challenge you to ... Read More »

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How to Deal With Overly Competitive People?

There's a little bit of competitiveness in everyone, but when you meet someone who, well, is slightly overly competitive, there's always a problem.Read on to solve that problem.

How to Deal With Competitive Siblings?

Have a competitive sibling? Read on to find out how to fix that.

How to Deal With Overly Competitive Colleagues?

At least a third of work colleagues are viewed as being competitive, with most workers viewing this as a negative thing.[1] And a number of senior executives believe that employees are more competi... Read More »

Do you have any 'competitive mums' as friends Or are you a competitive mum?

LOL I saw that - I laughed haha.Anyhoo - I don't have any competetive mummy friends, but Luke's best mate, and his best mate's brother are WORSE than women when it comes to it.Luke's best mate has ... Read More »