How to Deal With Being Talked About on Social Networking Websites (Pre Teens)?

Answer Picture this. Your having a great day in school and a person comes up to you and says something you did even though you were not there. If its being talked about on a social networking site then re... Read More »

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What are the top social networking websites?

1. Facebook2.Twitter3.LinkedIn4.MySpace5.Google plus6.Deviant art7.Live journal8.Tagged9.Orkut10.Cafemom11.Ning12.Meetup

Whats a good social networking website for teens?

How to Protect Your Teens From Dangers Posed by Social Networking Sites?

Like many adults, teenagers enjoy using social networking sites. However, teenagers should be aware of the potential dangers on these websites. "Dateline NBC" has shown just how easy it is for pedo... Read More »

What do you think of Social Networking?

I don't know... most of what I hear and see... it just isn't for me. I don't need to post pictures of myself, add two hundred people as "friends" or keep up with family and friends that live aroun... Read More »