How to Deal With Being Lost in a Store (for Children)?

Answer So, you are at a store, and you are only a couple feet away from your mother or father. You go in another small aisle to look at some toys or food, but then when you're done you can't find your par... Read More »

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In'deal or no deal' if you deal at 50k but there is 250k in your box have you won 50k or lost 200?

You have done both plus lost the other offers higher than 50,00 than would have been made if you contined as the 250,000 could not be opened until the last two cases

How to Deal With Getting Lost from Parents?

Okay you're in a public area with your mom or dad and you get separated. No matter where you are it is very easy to find your parents because odds are they're looking for you too!

How to Deal With a Friend That You Lost?

Truth is, that everyone loses friends. See, if you used to be really good friends, but then they turned popular, or mean on you, then really.. they weren't even your friend in the first place.

How to Deal With a Bum at Your Store?

If you have ever worked at a retail store or any other kind of small business, you've probably had to deal with a bum or hobo or beggar scaring your customers away by asking for change. However, so... Read More »