How to Deal With Annoying Little Brothers ( for Teens)?

Answer Nearly all of us have a little brothers. Now and again they can be very, very annoying. Here, in this article, is how to deal and cope with them.

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How to Deal With Two Annoying Brothers?

Here's a article that can help you understand why your brothers are so annoying. Just read it and it may or may not help you.

Why are 5-7 year old brothers so annoying?

Because they have not yet evolved into human beings. They are only fetae, embedded in their diapers. Dont worry; they are only a feature of pure imagination- they will soon fade away therefore will... Read More »

What can you do to get revenge on your annoying brothers?

i don't advice u to do something bad for ur brother, because i made something for my brother that really annoyed him and from that time he doesn't talk to me and if i ask him a question he answers ... Read More »

What is the best insult for annoying brothers?

i hope you know that mom and dad only buy you things because they dont want u when u 18 theyre going to kick u out