How to Deal With Aging Parents?

Answer Your parents are not going to be here forever. There is a point where all of us will be on our own. It's hard to realize this but it's true. Let me try to help you out. Go ahead and read these steps.

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How to Deal With the Emotional Impact of Aging Parents?

As we all age, we change. From being a infant to being a teen and eventually an adult. It is said that when an adult becomes older, they start reversing back into their childhood, in the end becomi... Read More »

How to Adapt to Aging and Elderly Parents?

As we grow older our parents tend to become challenging and sometimes interfering as we ourselves try to mold and create a life of our own. With age our parents lose their memories, become stubborn... Read More »

How to Plan a Trip With Aging Parents?

Taking a family trip that includes your parents is one way to bond as a family, but such a trip will take more planning if your parents are senior citizens or have special medical needs. Know a few... Read More »

Looking for info on a cell phone for aging parents. What is out there that would be easy for them to use?

When I was working at Radio Shack, the company most popular with Senior Citizens was TracFone. The only problem with them is that it's a major pain to activate or add minutes to them. The last I he... Read More »