How to Deal With Abusive Mother in Law?

Answer While many people quietly suffer critical mother in laws, abusive mother in laws are totally different. If you have been physically or mentally abused by your mother in law, here is how to cope.

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How do you deal with your mother who is emotionally abusive and very controlling?

If you are no longer a minor and dealing with an emotionally abusive and very controlling mother first try to find out if your mother could possibly be going through perimenopause or menopause (hor... Read More »

What do you do to help a mother in her late 40's and her child deal with a 51-year-old father who is verbally abusive if he doesn't know that he is?

Abuse is a deal breaker in a relationship. Especially if there are children. Physical abuse often follows verbal abuse, and in any case, it can cause stress- related health issues over time. In ... Read More »

What rights does paternal father have to take son out of abusive household with the biological mother and stepfather and keeping the child away from the paternal mother.?

Answer There are two ways you can do this. In Canada we call it "Child Welfare." Make an appointment with them and they'll help you out. They may make a surprise visit to the home where your so... Read More »

How to Deal With an Abusive Person?

Everyone has a different personality. Some are nice, some are mean, and everything else in between. You can call it inner beauty, but life is great when you know such nice people. That's why it is ... Read More »