How to Deal Playing Cards?

Answer To ensure that every player in a card game gets an even amount of cards, they need to be dealt out. There's a few strategies to do this.

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Playing 100 rummy is it a miss deal if one deals out more than ten cards to each person no one picked up the extra card?

Playing Cards: The Ace of Spades?

Playing cards first appeared in Europe in the 14th century, probably brought back from the Crusades. These early cards had many of the same features of our playing cards today: 52 cards, four suits... Read More »

How to Throw Playing Cards?

If you just lost a game of poker or got shut down in cards, don't get angry in silence, throw some cards around! Or, just do it to look totally awesome.

How to Flirt With a Man While Playing Cards?

These are the "how to" steps to make a guy like you, while you're playing go fish!