How to Deal Effectively With Telemarketers?

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How to Deal With Telemarketers?

Tired of telemarketers calling you? Consider this advice from a telemarketer.

How to Politely Deal with Telemarketers?

Telemarketers are people with feelings who are just doing their jobs. It is the telemarketing companies who are really harassing you, not their employees. The best way to deal with these calls is t... Read More »

How to Deal With Emotional Triggers Effectively?

An argument or discussion can be oneTriggers...we all have them. Someone calling you that one particular name...being told that we can't, etc. However, our ability to deal with these triggers can m... Read More »

How do I Deal Effectively With a Pathological Liar?

A pathological liar is a person who continuously tell lies. It is not out of maliciousness, and in many instances, the pathological liar does not realize he is lying. When faced with a situation wh... Read More »