How to De-Ice a Gas Tank Door?

Answer In the winter season, keeping a full gas tank helps prevent frozen water from entering your fuel line, which can potentially cost you a new fuel pump. Unfortunately, the very same cold temperatures... Read More »

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How to Open a Gas Tank Door on a Toyota?

Depending on the year and model, your Toyota will have either automatic or manual methods for opening the gas tank. It's a simple process either way. Underneath the door is a gas cap. Some are atta... Read More »

How to Unlock a Stuck Gas Tank Door on a Civic?

The Honda Civic may have a reputation as an indestructible vehicle, but it, too, is prone to failure. A common problem with seventh and eight generation Honda Civics is a faulty gas tank door. If y... Read More »

How do I Troubleshoot a Hyundai Gas Tank Door Remote Opener That Will Not Work?

Depending on the model year of your Hyundai, the gas tank door may be opened mechanically or electronically. Each will have its own method of troubleshooting. In either case, if the signal to open ... Read More »

Why does a garage door remote open the door successfully but when you try to close the door the remote does not work and the door must be closed using the wall control in the garage?

AnswerMost garage door opener manufacturers adhered to new federal guidlines imposed buy the government in the early 90's to include 2 safety devices in each opener to avoid crushing injuries. Most... Read More »