How to Daydream in Class?

Answer Have you ever been in class and feel that your mind starts to wander? Ever been called on by the teacher during this? This page will give you steps, tips, and warnings in order to avoid detection a... Read More »

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How to Daydream?

Have you ever had a dream, which suddenly made something clear to you or gave you a great idea? This is because logic shuts down, so when two ideas "collide," they combine in new and unforeseen way... Read More »

How to Make Yourself Daydream Easily?

Hello, this is an article on how to daydream, use this in class to get a faraway look and you may be sent home but,whatever happens do not hold me responsible!

Which iCarly episode is Carly's daydream on?

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A third class Petty Officer (PO) is an E4.Second class PO is an E5First Class PO is an E6.Chief PO is an E7Senior Chief PO is an E8andMaster Chief PO is an E9Hope that helps