How to Date a Teen Mother?

Answer Try to watch this show. You will learn some things about teen mothers.Sometimes it's hard to accept the fact that the girl you like in high school has children. You don't want to be the new daddy -... Read More »

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How old does a mother have to be before the stigma of being a teen mother ends?

What a GREAT question! My BFF's 1st born headed to kindergarten when mine headed to college (we're the same age). I believe there are benefits at both ends of the mommy spectrum (age wise).I'll sha... Read More »

How can you help your friend find her biological mother with all you have to go by is the name Priscilla Hunt General Hospital Jamestown NY birth date 121960 and adoption date 122560?

Is it hard being a teen mother like everyone says?

im a teen parent, im 18 years old and im doing great. there are a ton of struggles and it IS tough, but these people that are telling you its the worst thing in the world are acting ridiculous, yea... Read More »

Can a teen be a good mother?

Yes a teen can be a good mom. Some need more support then others but they generally pull through because they love their kids just like adults do. Becoming parent is never easy and the pressure is ... Read More »