How to Date a Girl With a Peter Pan Complex?

Answer Peter PanSo you like this cute, sweet girl, but you can't help but notice that she's got a bit of a Peter Pan Complex. A Peter Pan Complex is when someone avoids or has a fear of growing up. This a... Read More »

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How to Back Out of a Date with a Girl?

So you cracked under the spotlight and said yes - or you've learned something about a girl that you didn't know before you asked her. And you want to get out of a date with this girl...

How to Date a Girl With Herpes?

First of all, there is a common virus which can't even be tested for in men - HPV. Although it is possible for women to be tested for it, they usually are not. Doctors will usually only diagnose it... Read More »

How to Get a Date with a Girl Who Is Always Busy?

You want to go on a date with a girl, but she is always busy. What do you do?

Would you date a girl with yellow teeth?

Those teeth arent that yellow. I wouldnt not date you for your teeth, but I also wouldnt date you just because of your teeth. I dont have a tooth fetish. I have an ear fetish. I love ears