How to Date a Girl With a Peter Pan Complex?

Answer Peter PanSo you like this cute, sweet girl, but you can't help but notice that she's got a bit of a Peter Pan Complex. A Peter Pan Complex is when someone avoids or has a fear of growing up. This a... Read More »

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Who were all of the blue peter presenters 1958 to date?

Haha! I was looking for it for about 5 minutes and I found it, I gave up after about 2 and then I was just looking and his little head popped out at me :]It's on the right hand side, near the botto... Read More »

In the TV series 'Peter Gunn' which actress played the role of Peter's girlfriend?

Lola Albright Played 'Edie' According to "Biography," it was the actress Lola Albright who "enjoyed her greatest fame in the late-'50s and early-'60s television series Peter Gunn, playing Edie, the... Read More »

How to Look on a Date (if You're a Girl)?

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How do I Date a Girl Without a Car?

So you have finally found the girl of your dreams, asked her on a date, and -- by a great miracle -- she has accepted. There's only one problem: You don't have a car. You can still have a special n... Read More »