How to Date Your Wife?

Answer Find that original spark. Costs less than cheating on your spouse too!

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Can you date your uncle's wife's daughter?

If your uncle's wife's daughter is also your uncle's daughter, she is your first cousin. If she is his wife's daughter from a previous marriage, she is not related to you. You can date anyone you ... Read More »

My wife would like me to wear a fur coat when we go out for a dinner date?

I think making you wear one of her fur coats is a little unfair. I would go to a furrier and have them sort you out a proper man's fur coat and wear that instead. Men do wear fur quite often in E... Read More »

How to Secretly Date a Person That Is Planning on Divorcing His Wife?

My wife's delivery date coincides with my Poker night. What's a good excuse to get out of being there...?

Ummm how well do you want to get to know the widow thumb and her four daughters...?You decide!