How to Date Your Best Friend?

Answer Couple of LaughsSo you have fallen in love with your best friend, and you know for a fact that your best friend loves you, too. Well with a delicate situation like this, you need as much help as yo... Read More »

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How to Date Your Ex's Best Friend?

If you've suffered from a bad breakup with your ex only to find that you're crushing on their best friend, it can be hard, especially if you start dating them. Here are a few tips to assure that ev... Read More »

How to Date Your Best Friend (Girls)?

You've been getting closer and closer to a particular male friend of yours, and people have been asking if you have feelings for him. Obviously, you refuse, because you are quite shy, and perhaps y... Read More »

How to Get a Date with a Crush Who Is Your Best Friend?

Sometimes a great romantic relationship begins as a friendship. You already know the person well and most likely have many common interests. But taking the first steps from friendship to romantic r... Read More »

How to Date a Girl Even if You and Your Best Friend Are Both Dating Her?

so you just found out that the girl you like or us dating is dating your friend or your friend likes her to well that can be hard so just read these steps.