How to Date With a Chronic Illness?

Answer Have you ever found yourself falling for someone, before you've told them that deep dark secret that's been following you around? Well, that's exactly the situation I found myself in when I had to ... Read More »

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I know alot of people smoke pot to help with chronic illness..but are there any illness caused by smoking it?

no, nothing major. The goverment just wants you to believe it is just as bad as smoking Cigs. Mary Jane is all natural from the earth. If God didn't want us to smoke, it wouldn't grow. It helps too... Read More »

How to Live With a Chronic Illness?

�Chronic illness" is a blanket term for a disease or condition that endures for a long period of time. There are hundreds of known chronic illnesses, and each affects the body differently. Some c... Read More »

How to Manage Chronic Illness?

Chronic Illness is an illness or disease that is long-term or permanent, as opposed to acute or terminal. These illnesses must be managed on a day-to-day basis and can include everything from hyper... Read More »

Can you get life insurance with a chronic illness?

You need life insurance, but because you have a chronic illness, companies won't approve your application or you can't afford to pay the premium. Don't give up. By researching your options, and ask... Read More »