How to Date When a Mirror Was Made?

Answer Centuries ago, the Romans and Greeks used polished metal disks to see their reflection. By the 1800s, mirrors were made by coating a piece of glass with metallic silver and were considered importan... Read More »

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What date was the date when Kris Allen made it through the American Idol auditions?

What date was the very first dollar made on?

The very first one-dollar bill was issued by the U.S. government in 1862. This bill has the portrait of Salmon P. Chase on the front. The Chase Manhattan Money Museum still has it in its collection... Read More »

Date canons were made?

probably v small piece of paper trapped behind & between white rollers try vacuum cleaner with small nozzle to suck it out

How many Scream movies have been made to date?

To date, the "Scream" movie franchise has produced three films since 1996. The first sequel, "Scream 2," came out in 1997, while the third film in the series premiered in 2000. A fourth installment... Read More »