How to Date Someone Who Has a Child from a Previous Relationship?

Answer Meeting someone new is exciting! Please remember that if you want to begin dating someone new, who has a child from a previous relationship, you and your new partner must consider the child's needs... Read More »

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For those do you cope or feel if your bf/husband already has a child from a previous relationship ?

Im going through that right now. my husband has a 4 yr old son with his previous girl friend and we have been TTC for almost a year now. I get so angry when i take a pregnancy test and it comes out... Read More »

What is the procedure for your husband to adopt your unborn child from a previous relationship?

Answer It can be very complicated depending upon the laws of the state in which the couple reside and whether or not the biological father disagrees with the adoption.If the child is a result of a... Read More »

Is it legal for a wife to cancel her husband's health insurance as well as his son's from a previous relationship without notice?

Answer Are they still married? Separated? Divorced? If nothing else, the husband should get a notice from the Insurance Company about his COBRA rights.What does the divorce decree say?Once the divo... Read More »

How can your new spouse adopt your children from a previous relationship?

A person can only adopt the biological children of a new spouse if the other biological parent is willing to relinquish his or her parental rights or if those rights have been permanently terminate... Read More »