How to Date Girls?

Answer Hey here are a few quick tips to land that special dream girl.

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How to Act on a Date (for Girls)?

Do you want to know how to act on a special date? Here's how.

How to Get a Date (for Girls)?

It's Friday kids to babysit...homework is done. All of your responsibilities are taken care of...when do you get to have some fun. If you are having problems getting a date, try reading ... Read More »

How to Date French Girls?

French girls are like most other girls, there's nothing much different about them. they are very romantic and like knowing you're interested so be sure to remind them a lot.

How to Be Successful in a Date (for Girls)?

People think that guys get more nervous on first dates than girls. False! Girls have many worries about dating - will he be interested in asking you out again? Will he like me? Will I look okay? An... Read More »