How to Darken Hair After Bleaching?

Answer Bleaching is a process in which some form of lightening product is applied to hair. The most extreme cases of this process can cause hair to become almost white. If you don't like the way your hair... Read More »

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If lemons can be used to lighten your hair...what can be used to darken your hair?

i agree with the coffee answer.. but they make special shampoos for that.aveda

How to Darken Red Hair Dye?

Darkening your red hair depends on how you originally colored it. Once you chemically alter hair, you must use chemicals in order to lighten or darken your hair. Similarly, you should only mix na... Read More »

Does gel darken your hair?

Hair gel used for styling does not darken hair. Hair might appear darker when wearing hair gel because it is an artificial layer on the strand of hair, making the hair color underneath appear sligh... Read More »

How to Darken Hair Without Dye?

If you're wondering how to darken hair without dye or to deepen and enrich a brunette hair color at home, here's how to do natural hair coloring with a few items from the kitchen. For some people, ... Read More »