How to Dance and Interact at a Club?

Answer To club dance you need a lot of self confidence. The main point is to respect the girl and earn her respect by being "the gentleman".

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How to Club Dance With a Girl?

Those who attend clubs will often find themselves in a situation where they see a girl they'd like to dance with. However, in addition to not always knowing the best way to approach a girl to dance... Read More »

How to Do the Hat Dance in Club Penguin?

Do you want to know how to do some different, 'secret' dances? Just keep reading and you'll find out how people do it!

Club Dance Styles?

Club dancing can range from hip-hop and R&B to break dancing to Latin dancing, depending on the club and the town, state or country you are in. Some clubs offer a mixture of styles, while others ar... Read More »

What dance club song is this?

Akcent - jokero - french kiss - kylie - king of disco - let's talk about it - lovers cry - stay with methat's my name - my passion - feelings on fire - i'm sorry - i turn around the world - happy p... Read More »