How to Dance Flamenco?

Answer Beautiful Flamenco DancerFlamenco is a traditional Spanish dance. It has grown hugely popular through the years. Participants can be Male and Female. This type dance requires Poise and Elegance.

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What is Spanish flamenco dancing?

Flamenco dancing is a Spanish style of dance that has been around for hundreds of years. It has been adapted from its original style in order to advance it further as an form of entertainment.Origi... Read More »

What are flamenco skirts made of?

Flamenco skirts are made from polyester and nylon. The percentage of each material depends on the company making the skirt. Flamenco skirts are worn while doing the dance associated with the Flamen... Read More »

Difference Between Flamenco and Classical Guitars?

Guitar-like instruments have existed for ages, but the modern six-string guitar is probably less than 300 years old. Four- and five-stringed instruments were used in medieval Europe, and Spain in p... Read More »

How do I Set a Flamenco Dancer's Hair & Comb?

Classic flamenco hairstyles allow the dancer to wear her hair long and loose. There are times, however, when a flamenco dancer will put up her hair and use a single rose, a decorative hair comb alo... Read More »