How to Dampen Road Noise?

Answer Road noise can become a major annoyance for those who frequently drive in busy---and loud---cities or those who live on busy streets. Car horns, the zooming of trucks and cars on the highway, and r... Read More »

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How to Dampen Engine Noise?

One of the key differences between a luxury vehicle and a run-of-the mill car is the absence of ambient noise in the former. Luxury manufacturers go to great pains to not only dampen engine and me... Read More »

How to Insulate From Road Noise?

Long-distance drives in a noisy car are not pleasant experiences for anyone. Noise of some kind is inevitable in a car, but there are measures that you can take that will reduce the noise levels ex... Read More »

How to Eliminate Road Noise?

Listening to the sounds along the road can be pretty boring, causing fatigue. There are many things that can take your mind off the road noise or eliminate the sounds altogether. Listening to your ... Read More »

How to Reduce Car Road Noise?

The sound of wind rushing around the exterior of your vehicle, coupled with the relentless hum of rubber tires rubbing on rough road surfaces, can create an unpleasant sound level in your vehicle's... Read More »