How to Dampen Engine Noise?

Answer One of the key differences between a luxury vehicle and a run-of-the mill car is the absence of ambient noise in the former. Luxury manufacturers go to great pains to not only dampen engine and me... Read More »

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How to Dampen Road Noise?

Road noise can become a major annoyance for those who frequently drive in busy---and loud---cities or those who live on busy streets. Car horns, the zooming of trucks and cars on the highway, and r... Read More »

Engine Noise in Gas Vs. Diesel RVs?

Motor homes run on one of two types of engines: gas or diesel. Both engines produce noise; the location of the engine and the engine size determines how loud an engine sounds to the occupants of an... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an Engine Noise?

You are driving along, no worries in the world, and suddenly there is a strange noise coming from under the hood. You open the hood and stare at the engine, without any idea where the noise is comi... Read More »

How to Remove an Engine Noise?

Staying on top of your own vehicle maintenance can save you time and money, as long as you are competent in what you are doing. The first step in problem-solving a car noise is to accurately diagno... Read More »