How to Cut in Illustrator?

Answer When drawing in Adobe Illustrator, it is often necessary to cut a line segment or divide a path to create or a correct your design. Illustrator provides many tools to accomplish this; however, dete... Read More »

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How to Be an Illustrator?

Illustrators create the pictures and drawings that complement or help to clarify the written text they accompany. They may produce line drawings, color pictures, graphs, charts or other materials f... Read More »

How to Ink in Illustrator?

Inking your artwork in Illustrator can make hand drawings clear and eye popping. Inking can be a fundamental step in presenting a drawing or cartoon art. Using a tablet or an electronic pen is opti... Read More »

How to Add an Image in Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a popular vector graphics editing software that has been available since 1986. Originally made for Mac Operating Systems (OS), it is now available on both Windows and Mac OS. V... Read More »

How to Remove Illustrator CS2?

Illustrator CS2 is a computer program designed by Adobe that allows you to create images from scratch on your PC. Illustrator CS2 also allows you to make changes to existing digital images or photo... Read More »