How to Cut and Paste?

Answer Whether you work on the computer or just use one at home, the ability to cut and paste text and images is a valuable time-saving technique. Cutting and pasting allows the user to transfer, reproduc... Read More »

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How to Cut & Paste?

With the click of a mouse, we can cut entire files, segments of text or entire documents from one place to another by utilizing the computer's cut and paste options. Windows' clipboard function all... Read More »

How to Add Color to Gum Paste?

Working with gum paste is like modeling clay for adults. Perfecting gum paste figures is an art form that may take persistent practice. One of the precursory steps of using the decorative dessert c... Read More »

How do you copy and paste?

are you the same one that asked bout "spells"? and you can't cut and paste? Hmmm? and drag your mouse over what you want to copy..then go to where you want to save your"copy" then (left) ... Read More »

How do you cut & paste on your pc.?

In order to cut & paste you'll need to use your LEFT and RIGHT mouse buttons. First you'll need to find the text/info that you want to cut and paste. Once you find the info click on the info usin... Read More »