How to Cut a Whiskey Barrel Lengthwise?

Answer Most real whiskey barrels are made from American white oak wood. Aside from the obvious use of aging whiskey to perfection, the barrels have a plethora of uses only limited by your imagination. The... Read More »

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Best way to plant flowers in a whiskey barrel?

For the bottom layer i recommended using well a number of things! Crushed pop cans, chunks of plastic, broken up chunks of styrofoam or packing peanuts work well for not only whiskey barrels, but a... Read More »

Landscaping Ideas with a Whiskey Barrel?

A whiskey barrel is a large barrel made of oak planks and bound with metal bands. The barrels are made for production of alcoholic drinks that must be aged, such as whiskey and wine. Barrels have b... Read More »

Planting Ideas for Half Whiskey Barrel?

You can put out the cost of a large planter or make one for a bit less, while expending a fair amount of time and effort. Half whiskey barrels are a modestly priced alternative and you can plant fl... Read More »

My stuff on my laptop flipped over lengthwise?

Press Control + Alt + Up Arrow to return it to normal.This is a 'feature' on some graphics cards:Control + ALT + Up Arrow - Show screen the correct way upControl + ALT + Down Arrow - Flip screen 18... Read More »