How to Cut a Limb from a Tree?

Answer Improperly cutting a large limb from a tree can tear away a long strip of bark and wound the tree, as seen in the left picture in the diagram. This can be avoided by making the cut properly as desc... Read More »

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How to Trim a Tree Limb?

Trees limit the spread of decay when they lose limbs by producing a natural chemical barrier around the wound, according to "The Tree Care Primer" by Christopher Roddick and Beth Hanson. Encourage ... Read More »

How do I trim a tree limb?

Select the appropriate tool. For smaller branches, pruning shears might be appropriate, but for larger ones you might need a bow saw or a pole saw. For small branches, cut a branch with pruning sh... Read More »

How do I attach a swing to a tree limb?

Select a sturdy branch running parallel to the ground. Using a pocketknife, cut two notches in the limb 17 inches apart; this is where the ropes are placed. Use 3/8-inch polyrope attached to the sw... Read More »

Tree Sapling Limb and Trunk Damage?

Lift the sliver of bark up and tape it in place - it will knit back into place just fine. Keep you eye on the tapes and make sure they don't restrict the plant from growing. After about 6 weeks rem... Read More »