How to Cut a Hole in a Concrete Foundation?

Answer A hammer drill is designed to drill holes in masonry and concrete using a masonry drill bit or hole saw. This type of drill creates a jack-hammer--like action to allow better penetration. For small... Read More »

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How much concrete do I need for a fence post hole?

It is recommended to dig a hole, in depth, that is one-third the height of the fence post. Set the post into the hole and fill the remaining space with concrete. There is no specific amount of conc... Read More »

What Tools Do You Need to Drill a Hole in Concrete?

Concrete might be a hard material, but drilling holes in it can be easy and safe if you use the proper tools and equipment. Because of its density, drilling into concrete is more difficult than dr... Read More »

Drilling a hole into a concrete wall?

When we need to anchor a strap to a concrete wall we use a hammer drill and we don't have to drill all the way through..... only about an inch or so.Then we use a lead anchor that spreads out when ... Read More »

How to Drill a Hole Through a Concrete Wall?

Concrete is among the most commonly used wall building materials in modern construction, and can be applied in just about any situation. While concrete may seem like an impervious material once it ... Read More »