How to Cut a Graduated, Layered Bob?

Answer Of all the different ways to represent your unique sense of style, perhaps none is more fundamental than your hairstyle. From mohawks to "the Rachel" and everything in between, the way you wear you... Read More »

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If you graduated from the US Air Force Academy do you count your years of service from when you graduated or from when you enrolled?

You time at the Academy does not count for pay and retirement purposes. It all starts from graduation date, unless you were enlisted in the military before enrolling at the academy, then your enlis... Read More »

How to Use a Graduated Cylinder in the Lab?

Graduated cylinders can be dangerous due to the nature of the chemicals that they can contain. Especially when mixing chemicals, precautions should be taken. It is also important to understand how ... Read More »

Displacement in a Graduated Cylinder?

Finding the volume of a regular solid simply requires measurement of the sides and employing the appropriate mathematical formula. However, when measuring the volume of irregular solids the ruler m... Read More »

What is a 100 ml graduated cylinder?

A graduated cylinder is a glass tube commonly used in chemistry to measure precise amounts of liquid, by using markings on the outside of the cylinder to show how much liquid in the the tube at any... Read More »