How to Cut a Fade Into a Mohawk?

Answer Staying in style without breaking the bank is not an easy task. Now that you've decided to replace your fade haircut with the always-edgy mohawk, reconsider a visit to a stylist and buy or borrow a... Read More »

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How to Cut Hair Into a Mohawk?

The mohawk hair cut is a style that has been around for ages. Men, women and children can be seen sporting the mohawk all over the world. It is a fairly simple way to cut your hair, although the up... Read More »

How to Style Hair Into a Mohawk?

The Mohawk is a classic hairstyle that became popular with punk rockers in the early 80s. The hairstyle has branched out into other counter-culture groups, such as goths, and has even gained popula... Read More »

How do I style my hair into a mohawk?

Your emo-swoop bangs just aren't cutting it anymore, and you've decided to go for something totally different. You're getting a mohawk. The mohawk takes regular work to make it look the way it shou... Read More »

How to Gel Your Hair Into a Mini Mohawk?

Mohawks are a trendy hair style, often associated with rock stars or hipsters. It is easy to accomplish at home with the aid of hair spray and hair gel. Short hair works best, as it will be easier ... Read More »