How to Cut a Boy's Hair That Is Curly?

Answer Cutting any little boy's hair can be quite a challenge, as sitting still for longer than five minutes never seems to be a priority for an energetic youngster. The added difficulties associated wit... Read More »

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Do boys prefer girls with curly hair or straight hair?

To be honest with you it shouldn't matter if you have straight, curly or if you have no hair. Boys shouldn't judge you by your hair or your looks because if they do they are just really shallow and... Read More »

How to Get Curly Hair for Boys?

More and more men are working with their hair to achieve certain hair styles and looks. One of the ways this is happening is by boys and men curling their naturally straight hair. Women have been d... Read More »

Tips for Boys to Get Curly Hair?

It's no wonder why some boys want curly hair, as so many male celebrities look fantastic with curly hair. Some big names with curly hair include: Shia LaBeouf, Justin Timberlake, Tom Hanks, Nick Jo... Read More »

How to Style Boys' Long Hair to Curly?

In the 1950's boy's short hair styles were almost universal. That all changed in the 1960's with the Beatles and John-John Kennedy. According to, young boys' hairstyles are us... Read More »