How to Cut Your Own Cuticles?

Answer Overgrown cuticles are unsightly and it becomes tempting to pick and pull at them. Healthy cuticles go in hand-in-hand with healthy nails. Cuticles protect a new nail that is growing from the root ... Read More »

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How to Soften Your Cuticles?

Ragged, dry cuticles can undermine your manicure. You want to keep them trimmed and under control, but not so thin that they can't do their job: protect you from infection. Keep your cuticles soft... Read More »

How to Care for Your Dry, Torn Cuticles?

It's a vicious cycle: Your cuticles dry out a little, then snag on something and tear. You pick at your dry cuticles or cut them to even them out, and they grow back unevenly, causing more snagging... Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Cuticles?

Cuticle care and nail care should be a part of your daily routine. Cuticles act as protection for your nails. Use the following steps to take good care of your cuticles. Does this... Read More »

How to Push Back Your Cuticles?

To create the perfect manicure, you want your nails to be perfectly shaped. No matter how much you files your nails, if you don't shape your cuticles (by pushing them back) then you won't have the ... Read More »