How to Cut Your Bangs at Home?

Answer Save the time you spend running to the salon to get your bangs trimmed every few weeks. A haircut usually lasts one to two months, depending upon how quickly your hair grows. A bang trim is needed ... Read More »

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How to Get Scene Bangs at Home?

"Scene" or "Emo" is an alternative subculture based around a particular style of music. Those that embrace this music generally have certain clothes and hairstyles, characterized by black and very ... Read More »

How to Cut Swept Bangs at Home?

Swept bangs, also known as side swept bangs or just side bangs, are bangs that are cut at an angle so that they sweep to one side, sometimes covering one eye. While a standard length is at eye leve... Read More »

How to Cut Your Child's Bangs at Home?

Do you hesitate to take your child to the salon when she only needs a quick trim on her bangs? If so, consider cutting her bangs at home. The process takes patience and practice, but the results ca... Read More »

How to Trim Bangs at Home?

When your bangs need a little trim, you don't have to run to an expensive stylist to have them cut. Instead, try cutting your bangs at home. When cutting your own bangs, it is important to take you... Read More »