How to Cut Oranges Tokyo-Style?

Answer Decorative food is commonly served throughout Japan, especially in big cities like Tokyo. Fruits like oranges are often cut in appealing ways to make them look nice. A common way to serve oranges i... Read More »

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What is the Difference Between California Oranges and Florida Oranges?

Most oranges in America are grown on one of our two coasts--in Florida or California. Because of the differences in Florida and California climate and soil, the oranges can look and taste quite dif... Read More »

Do Blood Oranges really taste like regular oranges?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE.No, they don't taste like plain oranges... they taste better. Depending on the amount of heat the flavor is distinctive and rich with overtones of raspberries or stra... Read More »

What style of pizza is better, Chicago style of New York style?

I'm having deja moose! You know where I stand on that you need a fork and knife to eat is not pizza.

How to Take a Train in Tokyo?

A bullet train at a train station in Tokyo.The train is one of the main forms of transportation in Tokyo. This article will teach you how to travel by train in Tokyo.