How to Cut Open a Cocoon?

Answer A cocoon is a protective covering that is spun by the larvae of many insects. The type of cocoon most often heard about are caterpillar cocoons. These cocoons are made of silk or fibrous material l... Read More »

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What is a butterfly cocoon?

A butterfly cocoon, or a chrysalis, is a silky, protective casing spun by a caterpillar so it can undergo metamorphosis and transform into a butterfly. During this stage it does not eat or drink a... Read More »

Does a butterfly eat while in the cocoon?

While in a cocoon, the caterpillar changes into a butterfly. It is completely encased in the cocoon and does not eat or drink during this time. Depending on the species and time of year, some remai... Read More »

Butterfly Cocoon Activities?

Explaining to children that all animals do not grow up like humans is challenging. Activities can help children understand the process of metamorphosis, in which a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

How to Do a Cocoon Wrap From Home?

Cocoon wraps are body wraps offered at many spas and salons, as the treatment has healing and therapeutic potential. Cocoon wraps help to detoxify, eliminate cellulite, tone and tighten the skin, i... Read More »