How to Cut Marble Tiles?

Answer Installing marble or other natural stone tile can give your room a little elegance over ceramic tile. Marble, like other natural stones, can be difficult to cut and work with. This article will exp... Read More »

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Do marble tiles stain?

Like any porous rock, marble tiles can become stained after absorbing acidic, oily or inky substances. Though sealants and stain removers can help, prevention is the best way to keep marble stain-f... Read More »

How do I polish marble tiles?

Clean the TilesWipe marble tiles clean of dust with a soft cloth. Remove any stains with a soft cloth and mixture of warm water and pH-neutral dish soap. Wipe the marble dry with a chamois.Polish t... Read More »

How do I clean bathroom marble tiles?

Prepare the CleanerMix 1 tsp. dish soap or neutral pH cleaner and warm water in a one gallon bucket. Fill it halfway.Mop the FloorDip a mop or cloth into the water, and wring it out. Clean the marb... Read More »

Can you have marble tiles on a patio?

Most marble tile is not strong enough to be used for a floor or a patio. However, the strongest grade of marble tile, Group A, is unlikely to break and is strong enough for patios.References:"Stanl... Read More »